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The Future of Coal, a panel discussion

22 June 2018, Africa Energy Forum

Video transcript

Dr. Ing. Alain Strickroth
Simon Currie (session chair)

CEO, CPPE Carbon Process & Plant Engineering S.A.      

Consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Alain: A country like South Africa for example, needs sulphuric acid for leaching of minerals.Those [abatement] technologies are available. I’m not talking about just removing 50 mg, we must think further and use the best technology available.

Simon: What sort of scale?  In terms of that technology, so let’s look at South Africa and the existing coal fleet. Would you be able to retrofit to existing technology? Or are you really talking about new-build and a different scale?

Alain: We can retrofit, that’s absolutely no problem. We had an interesting discussion just before [this session]. People asked can we just add this technology after existing treatment technologies?

Well, the [CPPE] technologies we are talking about, they make those old [existing] technologies obsolete. We don’t need them. We just put the new technologies there, and then we can abate, in one go, SOx, NOx, CO2, H2S, Dioxin. We don’t need any more treatment after that.

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