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Understanding Big Challenges

Our team is focussed on understanding some selected big technical challenges that constrain South African State Owned Entities and Private Sector companies now and into the future. Our emphasis is on investigating and researching novel innovations to overcome these challenges to the benefit of the country.

Meeting global minimum emissions standards

Reducing fly-ash, or adding value

Waste-water management

Organising Resources

We have a staff and network of scientists and specialists with the requisite scientific,  engineering and project delivery specialities to deliver successful solutions and beneficial project outcomes.


Our team is structured to provide:

Consulting in engineering and capital project delivery

Programme and project management

Specialist staffing for temporary or permanent placement

"an engineering company focused on delivering innovative solutions to big challenges"

Innovation Enablement

Our Team is proactively researching and working to identify and develop selected innovative technologies to address a particular big challenge, through either ‘corrective technologies’, ‘disruptive technologies’, ‘leapfrog technologies’ or ‘radical innovation technologies’.

Activated carbon technology

Aluminium extraction from municipal waste

Waste-water reclamation

Delivering Tailored Solutions

Proactively working with our clients to help them understand the bigger challenges outside of their paradigm, structuring and delivering innovative solutions in line with well defined requirements, that ensure successful outcomes for long-term future growth.

Consulting projects

Project Management

Staffing Placements

Innovation Enablement
Consulting and Project Delivery
Specialist Staffing
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