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12 June 2018, 9h15 (SAST)

EPCM Global Engineering (EPCM Global), a local South African company, has partnered with Carbon Process & Plant Engineering (CPPE), to bring emission abatement technology to Africa. This proven and mature activated-carbon based multi-pollutant emission abatement technology is contained in a single scalable, modular, low maintenance process plant.

Industrial manufacturing and power generation plants emitting various multi-pollutants such as Sulphur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Dioxide, Heavy Metals and particulate matter are under increasing pressure to comply with the minimum emission standards in support of signatory compliance to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The patented CPPE process provides a single technology to address compliance to the minimum emissions standards and legislation now and into the future for multiple-pollutants discharged in industrial flue gas emissions.

The proven technology and processes use a fixed bed of scientifically treated activated carbon to remove multiple pollutants, namely Sulphur Oxides, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen Oxides, Carbon Dioxide as well as heavy metals, Mercury, Dioxins, Furans and sub-micron particulates from industrial flue gasses. The technology provides a simple, reliable and sustainable once-through process. CPPE technologies convert emission “waste” to produce new market-ready sellable “raw products” such as Sulphuric Acid and fertiliser. The technology requires no limestone, operates at atmospheric temperature and pressure, has very low operating costs to other similar technologies, has low water requirements and allows for the progressive roll-out, and re-use from a decommissioned site.
“Why use multiple and different emission abatement technologies when you can use just one technology? EPCM Global and CPPE are determined to implement these clean corrective technologies© for the advancement of industry in Africa, improved health of its citizens and constitutional compliance.” (Tumi Kgomo, CEO, EPCM Global)

“It is true that there is in the market a technology able to comply today with emission's limits and beyond, complying immediately with future limits.” (Dr. Alain Strickroth, CEO, CPPE)
The introduction of this technology also offers new localisation and industrialisation opportunities to South African based companies for the manufacture and installation of reinforced fibre products required for the construction of the emissions abatement plant equipment.

EPCM Global is a South African owned commercial company based in Midrand, Gauteng that has a proven track record for the provision of specialist industry solutions, competitive insights and innovation enablement within the field of project and engineering management, project delivery and project staffing – EPCM Global is a certified to ISO9001:2015 company.
CPPE is a commercial company based in Luxembourg that has been developing and maturing these technologies since the 1960's along with its predecessor, Lurgi Aktivkohle GmbH – CPPE’s portfolio contains among others SULFACID® for the conversion of Sulphur Oxides into Sulphuric Acid, KOMBISORBON® for the removal of Mercury, Cadmium and Dioxins, and the catalytic Carbon Dioxide / Nitrogen Oxides processes for the production of fertilizers or mineralization as well as Hydrogen Sulphide into Sulphuric Acid. All processes are internationally patented and well proven, yielding high efficiencies and sustainability.

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